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This article is about the VHS/DVD. You may be looking for the episode.

Stepney Gets Lost is a Norwegian VHS/DVD featuring ten episodes from the fifth season narrated by Gro Solemdal.


  1. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
  2. James and the Trouble with Trees
  3. Gordon and the Gremlin
  4. Goodbye George
  5. The Big Competition
  6. Brave Percy
  7. Toby and the Flood
  8. It Spooks for Henry
  9. Bill and Ben are Restless
  10. Stepney Gets Lost


  • Bye George! is renamed "Goodbye George", Baa! is renamed "The Big Competition", Put Upon Percy is renamed "Brave Percy", Haunted Henry is renamed "It Spooks for Henry", and Double Teething Troubles is renamed "Bill and Ben Are Restless".
  • Trine Lossius Borg is incorrectly credited as being the storyteller.
  • The back cover of the DVD features an image from Bowled Out.



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