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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2008 book/DVD release.

“The party was a great success, and there was only one thing more popular than the sticky toffee/taffy apples. And that was sticky toffee/taffy Thomas!”
―The Narrator

Sticky Toffee Thomas, retitled Sticky Taffy Thomas in American releases, is the fourteenth episode of the tenth series.


A children's costume party is being held, and the engines have various jobs to do for it. Percy is collecting cakes and buns, Toby is delivering sticky toffee, and Thomas arrives with the tables and chairs. When Thomas sees some children making costumes, he wants to go to the party in costume, too. The Fat Controller instructs Thomas to have a washdown so he would look his best for the train rides he would give at the party later.

When Percy sees Thomas at the washdown, he jokingly suggests that Thomas go covered in bubbles. Thomas takes his joke the wrong way and puffs off, still covered in soap suds. However, they get into his eyes and he cannot see where he is going. He then crashes into Toby and the toffee tanker, breaking Toby's axle. Thomas offers to take the tanker. The Fat Controller agrees to this, but tells Thomas not to try to get into costume. Soon Thomas puffs off after being cleaned of the suds, but after seeing Jeremy in the air and contemplating going as a plane, his concentration drifts.

Once Thomas catches himself daydreaming, he realizes how late he is and races along the line at top speed. Unaware the points have been changed, he crashes into some buffers, opening the toffee tanker and getting drenched in toffee. Having foiled the whole purpose of being washed, which was to give train rides at the party, Thomas is upset and regrets not thinking of what he was doing.

Determined to at least deliver the sticky toffee on time, Thomas decides to use a shortcut -- a long since disused line he suddenly spied off to the side. No longer thinking of costumes, Thomas pushes through the overgrowth, despite the sticky toffee causing him to get covered with branches and leaves. When he arrives, Thomas explains how he brought the toffee but cannot give train rides due to being messy. The children declare him to not be messy but rather in costume -- the best costume of all.




  • Going by production order, this is the twelfth episode of the tenth series.
  • A rare photo shows a deleted scene of Thomas, still covered with branches and leaves, at the party with Annie and Clarabel implying that he would be giving the children train rides.
  • A "Mouse Trap" board game, the first place ribbons from the eighth series episode, Spic and Span and a medal from the seventh series episode, Three Cheers for Thomas are on the table near the girl making her clown costume.
  • This is the Apple Orchard's only appearance until the twenty-fourth series episode, Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant.


  • When Thomas is at the airport, his face is slightly loose.
  • In the shot of Thomas after being splattered with toffee, there is less toffee on him than there was in the previous shot. Likewise, there was a drop of toffee falling from his chin, which reappears on him in the next shot.
  • A string can be seen pulling Jeremy across the runway.
  • When Thomas says "I want to go to the party in fancy dress too!" and when he imagines himself with a big top hat, the tracks behind him lead to the bushes. In the same scene, his wheels are going slower than he is while he imagines.
  • In the close-up of the workmen putting soap suds on Thomas, one of them has some kind of white substance (possibly blu-tak) on his right shoulder.
  • Toby's face is loose when Thomas begins pushing the toffee tanker.
  • Thomas' siderods change position immediately when he watches Jeremy flying.
  • Bushes are stuck up on Thomas' back even though the toffee could not have reached that far.
  • When Thomas arrives at the party with the toffee, his steam platform is visible.
  • In the final shot, the toffee tanker disappears even though Thomas has not moved from the place he was when he arrived.
  • In the Russian dub, after Toby's crash Thomas is mistaken for Toby.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Fantasia de Thomas
Chinese Mandarin 黏黏的焦糖托马斯
Croatian Karamela Tomica
Czech Karamelový Tomáš
Danish Klistret Karamel
Dutch Karamel-Thomas
Finnish Tahmeat Naamiaiset
French Les Costumes d'Parti
Caramel Thomas
German Das Kostümfest
Greek Ο Τόμας και φορεσιά μέρη
Hungarian A tejkaramella
Italian Il Costume di Thomas
Japanese ベタベタトーマス
Korean 토마스와 가장 무도회
Latin American Spanish El Disfraz de Thomas
Norwegian Klissete Thomas
Polish Tomek w Tofi
Portuguese Thomas Caramelizado
Romanian Thomas Învelit în Caramel
Russian Липкий, как патока Томас
Spanish Thomas Caramelizado
Swedish Thomas, Söt som Kola
Turkish Yapışkan Taffy Thomas

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