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Stories to Raise Cooperation (협동심을 길러주는 이야기 편) is a Korean VHS/DVD featuring seven episodes from the first series, two episodes from the second series, four episodes from the third series and three episodes from the fourth series.


  1. Edward and Gordon - 에드워드와 고든
  2. The Sad Story of Henry - 굴속에 갇힌 헨리
  3. Edward, Gordon and Henry - 세 친구
  4. Troublesome Trucks (episode) - 빨간 멋쟁이, 제임스
  5. Tenders and Turntables - 고든, 제임스 그리고 헨리의 꿍꿍이
  6. Trouble in the Shed - 고든, 헨리 그리고 제임스의 후회
  7. Down the Mine - 토마스와 고든
  8. The Deputation - 기관차 대표
  9. Percy's Predicament - 곰돌이가 된 퍼시
  10. Time for Trouble - 제임스와 토비
  11. Diesel Does it Again - 다시 만난 디젤
  12. The Trouble with Mud - 진흙투성이, 고든
  13. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party - 파티
  14. Bulldog - 기관차들의 영웅, 듀크
  15. Rock 'n' Roll - 친구가 된 러스티와 덩컨
  16. Passengers and Polish - 심통 대장, 덩컨



  • The DVD features English and Korean audio in both fake 5.1 and 2.0 mono, as well as Korean and English subtitles.
  • The DVD comes with an English Guide Book.
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