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Storytime with Mr. Evans was a web-series featuring stories narrated by Mr. Evans (played by Mark Moraghan) that replaced the Mr. Perkins segments following the death of actor Ben Forster. They are produced by Scruffy Dog Media and directed by John Gilluley, who also worked on the Mr. Perkins' Storytime and Postcards segments. They are filmed on location at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. After Mr. Evans read a story, he would present an activity for the viewers to do that relates to the story in some way.

Most of the stories use digital illustrations, while Henry in the Dark used clips from the original episode and Thomas and the Guard used C. Reginald Dalby's original illustrations.

The series premiered on YouTube on 1 March 2019 with Thomas and the Beanstalk and Thomas and the Guard in honour of World Book Day. Only ten videos were produced, being released during the first week of March 2019.


  1. Thomas and the Beanstalk (Aired 1 March 2019)
  2. Thomas and the Guard (Aired 1 March 2019)
  3. Big World! Big Adventures! (Aired 2 March 2019)
  4. Henry in the Dark (Aired 4 March 2019)
  5. Snowy Surprise (Aired 5 March 2019)
  6. The Great Race (Aired 5 March 2019)
  7. A Visit to London (Aired 6 March 2019)
  8. Journey Beyond Sodor (Aired 6 March 2019)
  9. Three Cheers for Thomas the Tank Engine (Aired 7 March 2019)
  10. A Day at the Football (Aired 7 March 2019)


  • None of the illustrations in Thomas and the Guard were altered, meaning children who have not read the Railway Series books could be confused by Henry having blue paint and square buffers, and Annie and Clarabel being bogie coaches.


  • In the Big World! Big Adventures! story segment, Beau has Bert and Rebecca's whistle sound.

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