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The Strasburg Rail Road is the oldest continuously operating railroad in the western hemisphere and the oldest public utility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

No. Name Notes Photo
475 Strasburg Rail Road No. 475 Originally built by Baldwin in 1906 for the N&W Railway. Sold to the railroad in 1991. ThomasAndTheMagicRailroad344.png
89 Strasburg Rail Road No. 89 Originally built in 1910. Sold to the railroad in 1972. Src89 outside engine shop.jpg
33 Strasburg Railroad No. 90 Built in 1924.Sold to the railroad in 1967 StrasburgRailroadNo.90.jpg
15 Strasburg Rail Road No. 15 Originally built in 1917 as a H. K. Porter, Inc 0-6-0ST. Sold to the railroad in 1998 and rebuilt to resemble Thomas. MainBEDT15RealLife3.png
8618 Strasburg Rail Road No. 8618 Originally built in 1951. Sold to the railroad in 2009. 8618 3.jpg
2 Strasburg Rail Road No. 2 Originally built in 1930. Sold to the railroad in 1984. STRASBURGNo2.jpg
1 Strasburg Rail Road No. 1 Originally built in 1926. Sold to the railroad that same year. STRASBURGNo1.jpg
10 Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railway doodlebug car Built in 1915 by the Oxford shops from the Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railway. Sold to the railroad in 1962. Lancaster,Oxford&SouthernRailcar.jpg


There is also Strasburg Railroad #31. Originally built by Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Canadian National Railway. It was build in 1908 and bought by Strasburg in 1968. It has been taken in for overhaul and has stayed in the shed since 2009. As of 2021, the engine is being worked on and it should be finished by early 2022.

Day Out with Thomas

Day Out with Thomas usually runs three times a year: July, September and November. Despite having built all the Thomas dummies, Strasburg uses a steam-powered Thomas that was rebuilt from the Brooklyn East Direct Terminal #15, which happens to be the same locomotive as Porter's basis. From 2014 onwards, Thomas gained a CGI face with controllable eyes and an animatronic mouth. Thomas also contains an audio system which plays Martin Sherman's Thomas voice. In September 2014, it was announced that Strasburg would introduce Percy to their railroad; however, they do not use a steam-powered Percy. Percy is a dummy model usually pushed or pulled by US air force's SW8 switcher 2008.

In April 2019, it was announced that Mavis would run alongside Thomas for the "Thomas, Mavis and the Strasburg Spooktacular" event between the 25th and 27th of October. Mavis is Strasburg's US air force SW8 switcher 2008, improvised with a face, “Ffarquhar Quarry Co” lettering, and nameplate.

The following year, in 2020, Rusty was added to events exclusive to Strasburg, first appearing at a Ride With Thomas event in August. Rusty is Strasburg's small Plymouth switcher #2, Dinky, improvised with a face, nameplate, and new number. According to the railroad, the switcher’s orange livery was an intentional nod to Rusty even before being dressed up as him.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the regular Day Out With Thomas events in 2020 were cancelled. Instead, Thomas, Percy, and Mavis were brought out for a smaller-scale “ride with Thomas” event. During this event, Thomas and either Percy or Mavis (depending on the day) were run as part of the Railroad’s normal roster, running the entire length of the line to Paradise, PA instead of the shorter section typically used for Thomas events. Rusty was on static display for photos, while the other three engines were rotated in and out.


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