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Strength is the last song from the tenth series.


You've got to have strength, strength to make the wheels go round
Strength, strength to lift things off the ground
You've got to have strength, strength to get you to the top
Strength will keep you going when you want to stop
You'll go that extra mile when you're hauling freight
Or go a little faster when you might be late
And if there's heavy metal lying on the line
Diesel 10's so strong, he'll clear it every time
You'll give that little extra when the going's tough
Strength will keep you puffing when you've had enough
Just remember as your speeding down the track
Strength not only takes you there, it brings you back
(Instrumental break)
(Chorus x3)



Footage Used

Learning Segments

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Thomas Gets it Right - An edited scene of Harvey's lifting a branch with his face edited from happy to struggling.
  • Percy and the Funfair - A rare deleted scene of Henry going over a bridge.
  • Edward Strikes Out -
  • A deleted close-up of Rocky.
  • Extended scene of Rocky lifting Gordon. (extended and short version together)
  • James the Second Best - Extended scene of Edward and James puffing out of the tunnel. (extended version)
  • Unknown - Henry, Gordon and James passing each other.


  • The deleted scene from Thomas Gets it Right used in this music video was the only time Harvey's wincing face was ever shown on-screen.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese つよくなって
Spanish Fuerza

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