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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the DVD.

“Rescue engines ready for action!”
―Thomas and Butch

Stuck on You is the fourteenth episode of the fifteenth series.


It is Thomas' turn to be Sodor's rescue engine with help from Butch the tow truck. Thomas meets Butch at the Sodor Steamworks, where he is being fitted with a strong magnet. The pair race off, but Victor calls after them. He shouts that the red light on the magnet must be lit for it to work, but Thomas does not listen; he is sure he knows about magnets.

The pair soon rattles into the Search and Rescue Centre. Immediately there is an emergency call: Farmer McColl's sheep shelter has blown down and he needs some poles to build a new one. Butch rumbles over to a pile of poles and tries to pick them up, but his magnet will not work. He continues to bash the poles in hope that his magnet will work, but only succeeds in making the poles roll into the sea next to Captain. Thomas tells Butch not to worry as they can collect more poles from the yard, but before they get a chance, there is another emergency call. Rosie has cracked a wheel and needs another one quickly. Butch reverses over to the replacement wheel, but his magnet still will not work. He knocks on the wheel causing it to roll and hit Rocky. Thomas suggests that they try the magnet by attempting to attach it to his tank. Butch rolls over to Thomas, but what they do not know is that the red light has come on. The magnet sticks firmly to Thomas, but no one knows how to remove it. Thomas knows that he should have listened to Victor after all and they set off for the Steamworks.

On the way, Thomas is laughed at by Gordon and James. Soon they are at the Steamworks where even Victor cannot help but smile at them. Victor tells them the red light means the magnet is switched on. Butch turns the magnet off and the pair set back to work by delivering the poles to a grateful Farmer McColl and the replacement wheel to Rosie. After a busy day, the pair arrive back at the Rescue Centre.





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  • This episode aired before Day of the Diesels premiered, meaning the audience may have not known who Belle and Den were.
  • This episode marks the first of several things for Butch:
  • This marks Captain's last speaking role until the eighteenth series episode, Emily Saves the World.
  • This is the only episode where Butch is voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK dub.
  • The title of the episode is based on the song of the same name by Elvis Presley.
  • Butch's magnet in this episode would later be used for one of the magnets at the Steelworks in the special, Journey Beyond Sodor.


  • Belle's siderods are not moving.
  • As Gordon puffs past Thomas and Butch on their way to the Steamworks, the magnet disappears from Thomas' tank.
  • The first time Gordon and James pass Thomas and Butch on the main line, Gordon and James are on the wrong side of the mainline according to British rail traffic regulations.
  • When this episode was shown on ABC TV and ABC iView, the description mistakenly referred to Butch as Bertie.


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Preso em Você
Catalan Enganxats
Chinese Mandarin 吸住你
Czech Držíme Při Sobě
Finnish Jätti Magneetti
French Un Aimant qui Colle
German Ich häng' an dir
Hebrew צמוד אליך
Hungarian A Mágnes
Italian Pronti ad Intervenire
Japanese くっついたトーマス
Korean 부치의 자석
Latin American Spanish Adherido a Ti
Norwegian Magneten
Polish Przygoda z Magnesem
Romanian Lipit de Tine
Russian Удивительный магнит (Original)
Магнит Буча (Alternate)
Spanish Colgado de Ti

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