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“At last! Red light on! Ready for action!”
―Thomas and Butch

Stuck on You is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Thomas is especially cheerful as the Fat Controller has a special for him. The Fat Controller tells Thomas that he is to be the rescue engine for the day. He goes on to tell Thomas that he will be working with Butch. Thomas races to the Sodor Steamworks where he meets Butch who is having a magnet fitted to his crane arm. Victor begins to tell Thomas and Butch how to operate the magnet, but Thomas and Butch do not listen. They were already heading for the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

When they arrive at the Rescue Centre, Rocky asks Butch to load some metal poles for an emergency delivery. His magnet swings over the poles, but he does not manage to pick them up. The poles are then knocked into the sea. Thomas is not too bothered and tells Butch that they can pick up more poles later. Rocky then has another emergency; Rosie's wheel is cracked and she needs a new one immediately. Butch rolls over to the wheel, but his magnet does not pick it up. Butch is concerned that his magnet is faulty, but Thomas has an idea. Thomas tells Butch that he is made of metal and that he can see if the magnet will stick to him. As Butch trundles over to Thomas, he does not notice that the red light on the magnet is turned on. The magnet swings and sticks tight to Thomas' tank. Butch is delighted that his magnet is now working, but try as he might, Butch cannot remove the magnet.

The two friends head to the Steamworks, stuck together, to ask Victor how the magnet works. Victor explains that when the red light is on, the magnet will work. When they are released, Thomas and Butch are finally ready for action.




  • Rocky is said to move by himself, but he cannot.
  • Butch is once referred to as an engine.


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