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The Sudric is the native language of Sodor. It is similar to the Goidelic languages, Manx in particular. In more recent times, the language has started dying out.

Below are some words and phrases translated into English:
Sudric English
B Ballahoo The Farm on the River Hoo
Bry Croft/Farm
C Chibbyr Ulf Ulf's Well
Cronk-ny-Braaid Hill in the Valley
Crosh Cross
Croshbyr Cross Farm
Cros-ny-Cuirn The Ford of the Mountain Ash
Culdee Companion of God
Culdee Fell The Mountain of the Companion of God
D Deighan Devil
Dooiey/Dooey Black
Dreeym-y-Deighan Devil's Back
F Faarkey Sea
Faarkey-Y-Nerin Irish Sea
Faarkey-Y-Sudragh Sudrian Sea
Fell Mountain
G Gleih Blue
Glennock a corruption of Gleih-knock/Blue Hill
Gob-y-Deighan Devil's Mouth
H Hawin River
K Keeill-y-Deighan Church of the Devil
Kirk Church
Kirk Machan Church of Machan
Kirk Ronan Church of Ronan
Knock Hill
L Loey Lake
Loey Machan Machan's Lake
M Marthwaite Large clearing in the woods
N Nagh Beurla I do not speak English
Nerin Ireland
P Peel Godred Godred's Fort
Poll-ny-Chrink The Pool on the Hillside
R Rheneas Divided Waterfall[1]
S Sudragh Sodor
Scaca Wooded Hillside
Shane Dooiney The Old Man
Shen Ven The Old Woman
Skarloey Lake in the Woods[1]
T Traugh Sandy Beach
W Wick Inlet/Creek