“It can't be busier than our Sunday schedule!”
―Thomas referring to his Monday schedule

Sunday Schedule! is a magazine story.


The engines like Sundays because they do not have to deliver passengers to work or deliver much freight as the factories and offices were closed. There was still work for the engines to do, but not too much. One Saturday evening, the engines were looking forward to their relaxed Sunday schedule. Thomas and Duck had been sent to the works to be serviced, so the other engines had their few tasks to do as well. That night, the engines were locked in the shed.

The next morning, the drivers could not find the keys to the sheds. The stationmaster rang the Fat Controller at home, but the Fat Controller had gone out. The staff had no choice but to fetch Thomas and Duck from the works. Thomas and Duck were not pleased; although there was not much work on a Sunday, it was still too much for just two engines. As both the engines raced to and fro, the Fat Controller arrived at the main station and found the shed key in his office where it had been locked in by mistake. It was tea-time when Thomas and Duck returned and all the work had been done. The engines had an even easier Sunday than usual, but Thomas and Duck were very tired.

Next morning, all the engines rolled into the yard ready to start their hectic Monday schedule. The engines moaned, but Thomas and Duck were pleased; it could not be any busier than their Sunday schedule.



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