This article is about 'the 2006 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2007 magazine story'.
―Cranky to a seagull

Surprise Visitor is a rhyming magazine story.


Cranky is moaning to Duck; when all the engines go home, he is left with only the noisy seagulls for company. As he speaks, one lands on his arm and he has to shoo it off.

Next day, a squirrel from a tree runs into the yard and jumps into one of Duck's trucks. Later at the Docks, the squirrel jumps out of the truck much to Duck and Cranky's surprise. The squirrel then clambers up Cranky as if the crane was a tree. Duck is sure that some nuts will coax the squirrel down, but, until some nuts can be found, Cranky is given his wish of company.



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