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TVNZ 2 is a channel in New Zealand. It was made in 1975 under the name TV 2, and was renamed South Pacific Television in 1976, TV 2 again in 1995, and TVNZ 2 in October 2016.

Thomas & Friends premiered on New Zealand television via this channel on 20th April 1987 with the first two episodes, followed by twenty one more episodes on Fridays from 24th July to 11th December 1987 and Thomas' Christmas Party on Christmas Eve. In 1990, the series officially moved to TV3 where it would air regularly for two years. Thomas returned to TV2 on 23rd March 1992 as a segment on Jase TV and later as an early mourning programme for young children until 1994.

Thomas' American spinoff Shining Time Station previously aired on the channel from 10th August 1992 to 4th August 1995, which resulted in the VHS releases of the third series in New Zealand featuring narration by George Carlin.

On 9th August, 2016, episodes of Thomas & Friends started airing on TVNZ 2 once again. Initially, it aired during the weekdays 9th August 2016 - 9th September 2016, 24th January 2019 - 8th July 2019 (excluding 25th April 2019) and 27th July 2021 - 15th November 2021 (excluding 13th - 17th September 2021 and 2nd - 4th November 2021), January 13th 2022 - February 17th 2022 and then during Saturdays and Sundays 1st October 2016 - 28th July 2019 (Excluding 24th - 25th December 2016 and 22nd January 2017 and 21st October 2018). For a time, it only aired on Sundays, but in 2020, it aired on Saturdays from 15th February 2020 - 18th July 2020 for the twenty-third series episodes (including the special episodes). Then, it aired on Saturdays again, starting 12th September 2020 - 13th February 2021, for the twenty-fourth series episodes (including the special episodes).

Journey Beyond Sodor listed as (Thomas' Journey Beyond Sodor) aired on Sunday 4th October 2020, at 6:10 A.M.

All Engines Go began airing on Friday April 15th 2022, at 8:35 A.M.

Race for the Sodor Cup will air on Tuesday June 28th 2022, at 8:15 A.M

“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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