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Take Along was a Thomas & Friends die-cast toy range produced by Learning Curve, essentially serving as a successor to the Ertl range. In 2009, the range was discontinued and sold to Mattel, who launched a revamped version in of the merchandise under their subsidiary, Fisher-Price. It was renamed Take-n-Play, which would begin distribution in 2010. The Take Along toys are still compatible with the new Take-n-Play range.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Asst. Number Notes
Thomas 2002 76001
James 2002 76002 Released with black or gray wheels.
Percy 2002 76003
Toby 2002 76004 Die-cast metal roof changed to plastic in 2008.
Gordon 2002 76005
Henry 2002 76006
Edward 2002 76007
Duck 2002 76008
Donald 2002 76009
Douglas 2002 76010
Diesel 10 2002 76011
Lady 2002 76012
Mike 2002 76013
Duncan 2002 76014
Annie 2002 76101 Released individually in 2002 and then in a twin pack with Clarabel in 2004.
Clarabel 2002 76102 Released individually in 2002 and then in a twin pack with Annie in 2004.
Sodor Line Caboose 2002 76103 Released individually in 2002 and then in a twin pack with Tidmouth Milk Tanker in 2005.
Tidmouth Milk Tanker 2002 76104 Released individually in 2002 and then in a twin pack with Sodor Line Caboose in 2005.
Trevor 2002 76201
Bertie 2002 76202
Harold 2002 76203
Butch 2002 76204 76742 Originally released with a rear magnet which was removed in 2008.
Lorry 1 2002 76205 Includes two-wheeled flatbed.
Terence 2002 76206
Salty 2003 76015
Harvey 2003 76016
Mavis 2003 76019
Troublesome Truck 2003 76105 Includes magnetic coal cargo.
Breakdown Train 2003 76106
Chinese Dragon 2003 76107 Features bobbing head and tail.
Magic Cargo Car 2003 76108 Sliding door reveals three types of cargo.
Sodor Log Loader 2003 76109 Flatbed tips up to unload magnetic log.
George 2003 76207
Elizabeth 2003 76208
Thumper 2003 76209
Thomas Holiday Train and Snowglobe Car 2003 76150 Includes Thomas with snowplow, Snowglobe Car with Tidmouth Station inside, and Winter Caboose.
Bill and Ben 2004 76017 Released individually in the UK.
Emily 2004 76020 76026
Spencer 2004 76021 76026
Fuel Car and Tar Tanker 2004 76110 Fuel Car released individually in the UK.
Magic Mining Car 2004 76111 Repaint of 76108.
Oil Barrel Car 2004 76112 Repaint of 76109 with magnetic oil barrel.
Annie and Clarabel 2004 76113
Bulgy 2004 76210
Jack 2004 76211 76213
Alfie 2004 76212 76213
Thomas and the Jet Engine 2004 76152 Includes Thomas, Jet Fuel Tanker, and Jet Engine with sounds and glowing exhaust.
Murdoch 2005 76022
Arthur 2005 76023
Fergus 2005 76025
Bill 2005 76030 UK individual release.
Ben 2005 76031 UK individual release.
Collectable Silver Thomas 2005 76032 Australia exclusive.
Scented Orange Barrel Car 2005 76114 Repaint of 76109 with barrel containing orange-scented oranges.
Coal Hopper Car 2005 76116 Pressing button makes coal "disappear"; tipping hopper makes it "reappear".
Milk Tanker and Caboose 2005 76117
Sodor Fuel Tanker 2005 76130 UK invidiual release.
Thomas and Happy Holidays Snowglobe Car 2005 76033 UK exclusive.
Thomas and Paint Car 2005 76115 Includes Paint-Splattered Thomas and Paint Car with liquid inside.
Reindeer Express with Snowglobe Train 2005 76153 New version of 76150 containing new Snowglobe Car with Santa Claus and his sleigh and reindeer inside.
Salty and Ocean Cars 2005 76154 Includes Salty, liquid tanker with floating shark, and electric eel tanker.
Rusty and the Rescue Cars 2005 76155 Includes Rusty, Spotlight Car, and Hose Car.
Percy and the Holiday Cars 2005 76156 Includes snow covered Percy, Magic Cargo Car with three different holiday cargo, and car with scented candy cane cargo.
Collector Vehicle Pack 2005 76407 Target exclusive. Includes Duck, Trevor, Duncan, and Sodor Line Caboose.
Calling All Engines Collector Pack 2005 76412 76757 Target exclusive. Includes straining Thomas, smiling Diesel 10, Lady, and Mavis.
All Aboard Toys Gift Pack #1 2005 76421 Includes Spencer, Duncan, Jack, Terence, and Emily.
All Aboard Toys Gift Pack #2 2005 76422
Diesel 2006 76027
Skarloey 2006 76028
Dennis 2006 76029 Target exclusive until 2007.
Iron 'Arry 2006 76034 UK individual release.
Iron Bert 2006 76035 UK individiual release.
Molly 2006 76050 Target exclusive until 2007.
Neville 2006 75051 Target exclusive until 2007.
Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert 2006 76053 Released invididually in the UK.
Culdee 2006 76055 First Railway Series character produced.
Holiday Thomas 2006 76428 Target exclusive. Features Thomas with Santa hat.
Holiday Percy 2006 76428 Target exclusive. Features Percy with Santa hat.
Metallic Thomas 2006 76036 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic James 2006 76037 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Percy 2006 76038 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Gordon 2006 76039 UK and Australia exclusive.
Oil Car 2006 76118 Features liquid "oil" inside.
Zoo Cars 2006 76119 Includes Lion Car with sound and Monkey Car.
Rock Hopper Car 2006 76120 Repaint of 76116.
Jack Jumps In Movie Car 2006 76121 76128 Features slides of different photos from the episode when door is opened and closed.
Misty Valley Fog Cars 2006 76122 Target exclusive until 2007.
Smelter Shed Cargo Car 2006 76123 Repaint of 76109 with different tipping bed and magnetic light-up iron beam cargo.
Mail Car 2006 76125 Features flipping cargo from mail bags to envelopes.
Faulty Whistles Movie Car 2006 76127 76128 Features slides of different photos from the episode when door is opened and closed.
James Goes Buzz Buzz 2006 76054 Target exclusive until 2007. Includes red nosed James and Bee Car.
Thomas Holiday Express 2006 76062 Includes Thomas and Holiday Caboose from 76153.
Sodor Birthday Celebration 2006 76063 Includes Percy and randomized Present Car from 76158.
Christmas Thomas and the Holiday Express Cars 2006 76040 UK exclusive. Includes Thomas with snowplow and cars from 76156.
Sodor Birthday Celebration Cars 2006 76158 Includes Thomas or Percy with decorations, Snowglobe Car, and randomized Present Car.
Collector Vehicle Pack 2006 76410 Australia exclusive. Includes Silver Thomas, Metallic Percy, Lady, and Sodor Line Caboose.
Collector Vehicle Pack 2006 76410 Kohl's exclusive. Includes Thomas, Harvey, Fergus, and Arthur.
Thomas and the Easter Train 2006 76414 Target exclusive. Includes Thomas, Jellybean Tanker, Easter Egg Car, and Easter Caboose.
Faulty Whistles Collector Pack 2006 76424 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Duncan, Rusty, Elizabeth, and Terence.
Jack Jumps In Collector Pack 2006 76425 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Thomas, Mavis, Jack, and Alfie.
Toby and the Holiday Train 2006 76426 Target exclusive. Includes Holiday Toby, Snowglobe Car and Caboose from 76153, and peppermint car from 76156.
Thomas and Percy Birthday Celebration 2006 76431 Target exclusive. Includes Thomas, Percy, Snowglobe Car, and randomized Present Car from 76158.
Rosie 2007 76057
Mighty Mac 2007 76060
Fearless Freddie 2007 76061 Target exclusive until 2008.
Sir Handel 2007 76064
Rheneas 2007 76065
Peter Sam 2007 76066 Target exclusive until 2008.
Oliver 2007 76067 Target exclusive until 2008.
Stepney 2007 76068 Target exclusive until 2008.
Daisy 2007 76070 Target exclusive until 2008.
James Goes Buzz Buzz 2007 76076 Individual James from 76054.
Easter Thomas 2007 76416 Target exclusive.
Easter Percy 2007 76416 Target exclusive.
Metallic Toby 2007 76045 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Henry 2007 76046 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Spencer 2007 76047 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Diesel 2007 76048 UK and Australia exclusive.
Collectable Metallic Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert 2007 76053M Australia exclusive.
Steamies Gift Pack 2007 76450 Target exclusive. Includes Metallic Thomas, Percy and Toby.
Diesels Gift Pack 2007 76451 Target exclusive. Includes Metallic Diesel, 'Arry and Bert.
Rocky 2007 76058
Giggling Troublesome Trucks 2007 76059
Toad 2007 76069 Target exclusive until 2008.
Carnival Movie Car 2007 76129 76128 Features slides of different photos from the episode when door is opened and closed.
Poppin' Popcorn Car 2007 76159 Target exclusive.
Sea Cargo Cars 2007 76160 Includes two flatbeds with cargo containing "bouncing" lobster and octopus.
Max and Monty 2007 76215
Ned 2007 76216
Day Out with Thomas 2007 76466 Includes Thomas and silver tanker with Day Out with Thomas logo.
Thomas' New Trucks 2007 76455 76757 Target exclusive. Includes coal dust Thomas, Coal Car, Bill, and Ben.
Sodor Carnival Vehicle Pack 2007 76756 76757 Target exclusive. Includes carnival Toby, Lion Car, Monkey Car, and Poppin' Popcorn Car, all with exclusive deco.
Billy 2008 76071 76742 Character card shows either a TV series still or a photo of the toy model.
Whiff 2008 76072 76742 Character card shows either a TV series still or a photo of the toy model.
Stanley 2008 76134 Target exclusive until 2009.
Metallic Emily 2008 76161 UK and Australia exclusive.
Metallic Lady 2008 76162 UK exclusive.
Metallic Edward 2008 76163 UK exclusive.
Metallic Duck 2008 76164 UK exclusive.
Steamies Gift Pack 2008 76471 UK exclusive. Includes Metallic Thomas, Duck and Lady.
Hector 2008 76131 76743 Character card shows either a TV series still or a photo of the toy model.
Fireworks Car 2008 76133
Musical Caboose 2008 76135
Rescue Cars 2008 76165 UK exclusive. Includes Spotlight Car and Hose Car from 76155.
Sir Topham Hatt's Car 2008 76132
Madge 2008 76217 76743 Character card shows either a TV series still or a photo of the toy model.
Harold (with retractable magnet) 2008 76218 Target exclusive until 2009.
Thomas and Morgan's Mine Car 2008 76481 Toys "R" Us exclusive. Includes coal dust Thomas and Magic Cargo Car.
Santa's Mail Service 2008 76755 UK exclusive. Includes Holiday Thomas and Magic Cargo Car from 76156.
Santa Thomas and Percy Gift Set 2008 76532 UK exclusive. Includes Holiday Thomas, Holiday Percy and Snowglobe Car from 76153.
Rheneas and the Dinosaur 2008 76732 Target exclusive until 2009. Includes Rheneas, Magic Cargo Car, and Dinosaur Car.
Sodor Airport Vehicles 2008 76740 Target exclusive. Includes Harold, Jet Fuel Tanker and Spotlight Car with exclusive deco.
Thomas and the Ice Cream Sundae Cars 2008 76744 Target exclusive. Includes chocolate covered Thomas, Ice Cream Tanker, and car with chocolate barrel cargo.
Down at the Docks 2008 76739 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Salty, Harvey, Duck and Sea Cargo Car.
Lights and Sounds Thomas 2008 76320 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Lights and Sounds Percy 2008 76321 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Lights and Sounds James 2008 76322 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Lights and Sounds Gordon 2008 76323 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Rusty 2009 76024 Target exclusive individual release.
Duke 2009 76083
D199 2009 76084
Hiro 2009 76086 Target exclusive. Final Take Along character produced.
Metallic Rosie 2009 76049 UK exclusive.
Metallic Oliver 2009 76073 UK exclusive.
Metallic Molly 2009 76074 UK exclusive.
Metallic Neville 2009 76075 UK exclusive.
Steamies Gift Pack 2009 76474 UK exclusive. Includes Metallic Thomas and James.
McColl's Farm Chicken Cars 2009 76081 Includes Chicken Car with sounds and Egg Car.
Dinosaur Museum Cars 2009 76166 UK exclusive. Includes Magic Cargo Car and Dinosaur Car from 76732.
Byron 2009 76080
Jeremy 2009 76082 Individual release of Jeremy from Sodor Airport Playset.
Mr. Percival's Car 2009 76220 Repaint of 76132 with Mr. Percival in the place of Sir Topham Hatt.
Patrick 2009 76221
Sir Handel and the Apple Car 2009 76136 Includes dusty Sir Handel and Apple Car with launching apple cargo.
Toby and the Zoo Car 2009 76140 Target exclusive. Includes carnival Toby and Lion Car from 76756.
Percy and the Engine Wash Car 2009 76225 Includes sudsy Percy and Engine Wash Tanker with liquid inside.
Holiday on Sodor (with Thomas) 2009 76480 Includes Holiday Thomas and Holiday Caboose, which is a Musical Caboose with the electronics removed.
Holiday on Sodor (with Percy) 2009 76482 Includes Holiday Percy and Holiday Caboose, which is a Musical Caboose with the electronics removed.
Working Hard Gift Pack 2009 76493 Target exclusive. Includes coal dust Thomas and Giggling Troublesome Truck.
Really Useful Engines 2 Pack 2009 76620 Target exclusive assortment. Includes: Sir Handel and Fearless Freddie, Rheneas and Culdee, Mighty Mac and Dennis, or Toby and Percy.
Percy and the Wharf Cars 2009 76088 Includes Percy, Sodor Log Loader with exclusive deco, and flatbed with magnetic barrel cargo.
Favorite Friends 3 Pack 2009 76621 Target exclusive assortment. Includes either Thomas, Annie and Clarabel or Bill, Ben and Diesel.
Percy and the Chocolate Cake Cars 2009 76089 76757 Target exclusive. Includes sugar covered Percy, Cargo Car with chocolate cargo, Sugar Tanker, and Egg Car. Features recipe card on back of packaging.
Thomas and the Treasure 4 Pack 2009 76139 76757 Target exclusive. Includes gold dusted Thomas, Magic Cargo Car, Movie Car with photos from the episode, and Cargo Car with treasure cargo.
Rescue Team 4 Pack 2009 76144 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Harvey, Harold, Butch, and Spotlight Car.
Hiro's Farewell 4 Pack 2009 76145 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Thomas and Toby with decorations, Sir Topham Hatt's Car, and Fireworks Car.
Muddy Adventures 4 Pack 2009 76146 76757 Target exclusive. Includes mud covered Thomas, Rosie, Billy, and Elizabeth.
Thomas and the Easter Egg Hunt 2009 76483 Target exclusive. New version of 76414 with Easter Thomas, Egg Dye Tanker, Egg Car with sound, and Easter Caboose.
Sodor Holiday Parade 2009 76623 Target exclusive. Includes Holiday Thomas, Percy, Toby, Sir Topham Hatt's Car, and Present Car.
Great Waterton Grand Opening 4 Pack 2009 76745 76757 Target exclusive. Includes Percy with decorations, Jack, Alfie, and Great Waterton Caboose.
Classic Engines Pack 2009 76172 Target exclusive. Includes Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and Toby.
Lights and Sounds Rosie 2009 76324 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Lights and Sounds Diesel 2009 76325 Features Engine I.D. Technology.
Narrow Gauge Engine I.D. Pack 2009 76746 Includes Stepney (who is included despite being a standard gauge engine), Duncan, Peter Sam, and Sir Handel with Engine I.D. Technology.

Deluxe Play Scenes

Original Release Year
Item Number
Thomas and the Special Letter
Target Exclusive. Includes surprised face Thomas, Track Piece with Hill, Warning Gate, Breaking Wall and Promotional DVD.
Gordon Takes a Tumble   
Target Exclusive. Includes surprised face Gordon, Track Piece with Hill, Go Slow Sign, two Yellow Barrels and Promotional DVD .
Henry and the Elephant  
Target Exclusive. Includes annoyed face Henry, Track Piece, Bucket, Henry's Tunnel, Elephant Squirter and Promotional DVD.
James and the Trouble with Trees
Target Exclusive. Includes clenched face James, Track Piece with Falling Tree and Promotional DVD.
Percy Takes the Plunge
Target Exclusive. Includes surprised face Percy, Track Piece with Pond, Danger Sign, Braking Gate, and Promotional DVD.
Emily's Adventure
Target Exclusive. Includes angry face Emily, Track Piece with Ramp, Baby Calves, purple Water Tower and Promotional DVD.
Diesel in "Thomas to the Rescue"
Target Exclusive. Includes surprised face Diesel, Track Piece with green Barrels, and Promotional DVD .



  • James & Hector Work it Out Set
  • Work and Play Roundhouse Set
  • Sodor Engine Works Set
  • Sodor Timber Yard
  • Rescue Station Set
  • Let's Have a Race Set
  • Sodor Mining Co.
  • Brendam Docks Set
  • Harold's Heliport Set
  • Centre Island Quarry Set (Some sets came with Free Sampler DVD, Quarry Adventures On Sodor)
  • Sodor Airport
  • Morgan's Mine Set
  • Knapford Station
  • Sodor Steamworks (yellow version of Sodor Engine Works)
  • Marshalling Train Yard Set
  • Working Hard Set
  • Percy and the Carnival Adventure Set
  • Really Useful Engine Set
  • Thomas & Percy Starter Set
  • Toby's Main Line Set
  • Water Tower Figure 8 Set
  • Bridges and Tunnels Set
  • Knapford Mail Express Set
  • Great Waterton Fold & Go Set


  • Smelting Yard (with Duck)
  • Cranky the Crane
  • Wellsworth Station (with Mavis)
  • Gantry Crane (with Salty)
  • Drawbridge (with Skarloey)
  • Echo Waterfall Tunnel (with Culdee)
  • Tidmouth Engine Sheds (with Gordon)
  • Water Tower (with Fergus)


  • Travel Tote
  • Island of Sodor playmat
  • Bag of Track
  • Curved and Straight Track Pack
  • Cross and Switch Track Pack
  • Bridge Track Pack
  • Engine Belt (with Skarloey)
  • Storage Case
  • Great Waterton Expansion Pack
  • Ultimate Track Pack
  • Rosie Circle Track Set


  • This range originally launched as a Target Exclusive from 2002 until 2005, after which the range began being sold in other retailers.
  • Edward and Gordon's prototype models had black tender wheels.
  • Gordon and Diesel 10 had circular buffers.
  • The character card for the metallic 'Arry and Bert read "Arrt and Bert".
  • The character card for the metallic Gordon featured Thomas with Edward.
  • The character card for Jeremy showed an ordinary jet plane.
  • Mavis' prototype had red sideplates and white wheels. She also had a second face overlapping another one.
  • Hiro was the final character released from Take Along.
  • Duck's model has grey wheels.
  • Duncan's model has white wheels, yet his prototype had the correct black ones.
  • James' metallic model had red wheels and Toby's metallic model had brown wheels.
  • Hiro is the largest in the range.
  • Culdee's model has buffers.
  • Butch, Lorry 1, Patrick, Max, Monty, and Madge's models had buffers on their backs, as did later releases of Elizabeth.
  • Bertie, Bulgy and Trevor were released both with and without rear magnets.
  • The "Railway Bus" and "Anti-Rail League" banners on Bulgy's model are on the opposite sides compared to the television series.
  • The Narrow Gauge 4 Pack contained Stepney despite him being a standard gauge engine.
  • Gordon, Spencer, Emily, Murdoch, Freddie, D199, Hiro and Mike had incorrect wheel arrangements due to sizing constraints.
  • There were two versions of James' standard model. One had grey wheels with a yellow #5 and the other had black wheels and a gold number. If James was in a multi-car pack or playset, it was the latter variant.
  • Annie and Clarabel had white wheels and red buffer beams; they should have all been black. Ironically, they were originally meant to have the black wheels.
  • The mail coach was depicted as an open wagon.
  • A promotional advertisement picture of the Take Along range showed the ERTL models of Bertie and Harold instead of their Take Along ones.
  • Three characters exclusive to the Railway Series have been produced: D199, Culdee and Mike. The latter was a Railway Series exclusive at the time of the range's release.
  • Trevor's model had grey wheels, when it should have had red wheels with black rims.
  • Murdoch's tender wheels were orange instead of black.
  • Douglas' character card had a picture of a scene from the cancelled episode, The Missing Coach.
  • The re-released Working Hard set had Molly, Neville and Edward replacing Thomas and Duncan and two more trucks added and also, the cargo loader in the set gains a different colour.
  • Daisy's prototype had six wheels at the front.
  • The Tidmouth Engine Shed was seen in the Parks and Recreation episode, "Donna & Joe".
  • Despite Lorry 1 being produced, Lorry 2 and 3 were never made.
  • A Wooden Railway/Take Along carrying case appeared in a scene of the Series 5 The Dumping Ground episode, "The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge".
  • Holiday Percy's packaging is shaped like a Christmas stocking.
  • A few character cards show the character's Take Along model edited onto a background instead of a screencap of the character from the TV series. This mostly applies to rolling stock that never appeared in the series such as the Fireworks Car, the Rescue Cars and the Sea Cargo Cars, as well as two packs with a character and a non-cannon piece of rolling stock such as Sir Handel and the Apple Car, Percy and the Engine Wash Car and Toby and the Zoo Car.
    • Certain characters such as Whiff, Billy, Madge, Hector, Arry and Bert received character cards of both variations for different countries, however the variation of Arry and Bert's character card features their Take Along models on a blue background instead of the one used for other characters.
    • The Sodor Log Loader's character card features a heavily edited picture of the included item, with an engine's bufferbeam and wheels and the button for the tipping feature reduced in size, rather than the image of item itself edited onto a background from the show. The same goes for the Breakdown Train's character card, however the magnet on the crane is unchanged.
    • The Magic Cargo Car/Mining Cargo Cars's character cards features the included items edited onto Salty's chassis with the buffer beam recoloured from yellow to red.
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