Taking a Break is a magazine story.


The weather has been unusually warm on Sodor and Bill and Ben are complaining to Daisy; they have been very busy lately. Daisy says that she has been taking extra passengers to the lake. Salty also states that he has been busy too, with non-stop freight arriving at the docks. Bill and Ben tell Salty and Daisy about a quiet loop line they discovered on their way back from Brendam Bay. The twins go on to suggest that they should all hide there tomorrow to enjoy the sunshine themselves. Daisy and Salty agree.

The next day, the four engines set off for the old loop line. Once there, they think the line is lovely - until they hear a rumbling. The ground collapses beneath Bill and Salty's wheels and Daisy topples over, resting against a tree. Only Ben can move to go and fetch help. Ben soon returns with Harvey and BoCo, who rescue the stranded engines.

Later that day, the Fat Controller explains to the four engines that the loop line ran above a disused line and their weights combined had been too much. The engines are very sorry and the Fat Controller tells them that they will get a rest soon. The engines realise that they had been selfish and they set back to work at once.



  • All of the writing on Bill and Ben is in black.


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