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Tamika is an Australian steam railmotor.


Thomas & Friends

Tamika met Thomas in the Kuranda Rainforest and told him to be careful with the animals. She later praised him for going back to the rainforest fire and rescuing Banjo the koala. [1]

Tamika later volunteered to be an obstacle for Ace's stunt jump. [2]


Tamika is an Australian tourist train who is passionate about the animals of the rainforest and takes their protection very seriously. Due to her job, she has a vast knowledge of all Australian bush animals and other wildlife, but she still enjoys having fun, such as participating in Ace's jump.

Technical Details


Tamika is based on the South Australian Railways SMC Class "Steam Motor Coach No. 1", a 2-2-0 railway locomotive built in 1905. Nicknamed the "Coffee Pot" by the railwaymen, it was used for making weekly trips to Hawker, South Australia. Under the Commonwealth Railways, it was re-classified as NJAB1. The locomotive was withdrawn from service in 1932, but returned to service in 1984 after an extensive restoration. It has since been preserved by the Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society.

Tamika is partially modified from her original basis; she has been fitted with buffers and screw-link couplings and has been scaled up from cape gauge to standard gauge. Her funnel is also much thinner than her basis.


Tamika is painted yellow with a teal green coach. Her running plate is painted red, and her cowcatcher is black. She has brass number plates on the sides of her cab with her number "23" on them. Her coach's rooftop is painted black. Her buffer beams are painted red with black buffers.


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  • Like Lexi, Tamika has a front brake pipe despite lacking a front coupling.
  • Despite having a passenger coach, Tamika has never been seen transporting passengers in it, with the exception of Meet Tamika of Australia!
  • Tamika has been scaled up to standard gauge, but as a result, when standing in her cab, her crew are not able to look out her front windows.
  • Tamika's line has dual-gauge track, implying that Tamika's model may have originally been intended to be a narrow-gauge engine.



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