“Two, four, six, eight... who do we appreciate? EMILY! She's not LATE!”
―Sodor United soccer team

Team Spirit Time! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


The Sodor United soccer team is having an important game. Sir Topham Hatt orders Thomas to give out the four specials. Emily is chosen to collect the dirty laundry. She frowns about her boring job and decides to help out Percy and James instead, but causes havoc for both engines.

Soon Emily clatters into the Town Square where Sir Topham Hatt notices that she is not carrying the dirty laundry. Sir Topham Hatt reminds Emily that the dirty laundry is the team's uniforms. Emily puffs away as quickly as she can and meets up with the Laundry Lady.

The Laundry Lady tells Emily that the uniforms are still too wet. Emily has an idea, she tells the Laundry Lady that she can tie the wet laundry to her funnel, that way it can dry faster. Emily arrives back at the Town Square where the team claps and cheers for her.



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