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Team Up With Thomas is a UK/AUS DVD release featuring eight twentieth series episodes.


It's the hottest day of the year on Sodor and the blistering heat is causing the tracks to buckle and bend. Flynn and Belle Team Up to put out a fire caused by a glass bottle and Thomas has an idea to stop the tracks buckling. Meanwhile, James' passengers prove that no one likes a show off, strong-willed Daisy becomes star of the show and Connor slows right down. Danger blows in for Skiff during a terrible storm, the Miniature Engines get their chance to prove how "woolly" useful they are and, at the building site, there's much mucking about with Max and Monty!


  1. Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks
  2. Mucking About
  3. Blown Away
  4. Ryan and Daisy
  5. Pouty James
  6. The Way She Does It
  7. Useful Railway
  8. Mike's Whistle

Bonus Features


  • This is the first DVD to feature CGI versions of the Model Series songs that are not part of Thomas' YouTube World Tour.
  • The DVD title shares the same name with the US Releases of the DVD.


  • The DVD description refers to Cautious Connor, but that episode is not included on the DVD and Connor does not appear in any episodes. However, it was likely the episode was originally going to be included on the DVD but instead, it was featured in Christmas on Sodor.
  • In the Learn with Thomas segment, "Don't Take Credit for Others Ideas", Thomas' US voice actor, Joseph May is used instead of his UK voice actor, John Hasler.
  • On this release, Extraordinary Engines is advertised as coming soon, despite it being released about four months ago previously.
  • James the Really Splendid Engine is titled "James' Song."
  • Accidents Will Happen is titled, "Accidents Happen."
  • In the DVD menu, the Engine Roll Call song is high pitched instead of normal pitched.


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