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This article is about the tractor. You may be looking for the US title for the episode or the Story Library book.

“What ugly wheels you've got."
"They're not ugly, they're caterpillars. I can go anywhere;
I don't need rails.”
Thomas and Terence meet for the first time[src]

Terence is an orange caterpillar tractor who usually works near Thomas' Branch Line. He is owned and driven by Farmer Finney.


Thomas insulted Terence for having caterpillar tracks but regretted it and befriended Terence after he pulled him out of a snowdrift.

Terence befriended Duck while Thomas was at Crovan's Gate Works.

Terence did Percy's shunting work at Ffarquhar while Percy was at Knapford Harbour.

Terence helped to build a barn the day Victoria was sent back to Thomas' Branch Line. After swerving for a boulder by the Hackenbeck tunnel, Terence's trailer fell down the cutting and balanced dangerously on a bush.


Terence is an assertive, orange tractor with caterpillar tracks. The engines find these very unusual, but Terence is very capable of proving that he does not need rails and that his tracks allow him to go practically anywhere. He takes any teasing in the name of fun and is happy to get on with his job, usually partaking in agricultural work. Terence never hesitates to assist in emergencies or sticky situations, road or rail, due to his helpful, forgiving nature. His tracks are particularly invaluable in harsh winter conditions when snow can affect transport across the Island. He may be slow, but he is versatile, adaptable and helpful.

Technical Details


Terence is based on a Caterpillar Model 70, the largest and last design of petrol-powered tractors in the Caterpillar Tractor Company's range. Compared to the real vehicle, Terence's design was given notable modifications; he is longer in length, his mudguards go all the way across the top of his tracks, and his engine is concealed to a greater extent. The construction tractors are also based on this tractor.


Terence is primarily painted orange. The colour of his exhaust pipe, engine and front frequently differ between illustrations, switching between being either black or orange.




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