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“Never ask the trucks to go faster!”

Thank You, Thomas! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas wants to have a race with his friend, Bertie. The bus explains that he cannot travel fast as his roads have holes in them and that Gordon was supposed to deliver stones to fill them.

Gordon thought he was too important to help Bertie; he wanted to pull passengers, not deliver stone. James pulls up and tells Gordon to pretend to be ill, that way he will not have to work with trucks. When Thomas arrives at the station, he asks if Gordon has Bertie's stone. Gordon tells Thomas that he is ill and the little tank engine kindly offers to fetch the stone from the quarry.

Thomas hauls the empty trucks to the quarry where they were filled with stones. On the return journey, Thomas tells the trucks that they need to hurry. The troublesome trucks push Thomas who comes off the rails, into a pond. Thomas' driver rushes to get help whilst Thomas is left to reflect on a lesson he had learned the hard way; never tell trucks to go faster.

Edward gives Thomas a lift back to the yard. Thomas then asks him to deliver the stones to Bertie. Back at the yards, James and Gordon apologise to Thomas. Next, Bertie arrives, looking much happier. His roads have been mended and he challenges Thomas to a race the next day.




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