“Well done!”

That's Snow Business is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is a lovely winter's morning on Sodor and the sun is shining brightly. The Fat Controller has given Toby and Henrietta the important job of taking passengers home to their families in time for Christmas.

Emily watches Toby and Henrietta get ready for their important job. She thinks the two of them make a great team. She wishes she could be part of a team like them, too. Suddenly, Emily hears the Fat Controller sounding very cross in the yard. Emily can see the Fat Controller is cross about a Christmas tree which has fallen across the tracks, blocking the line. How can Toby and Henrietta do their important job now? Suddenly, Emily comes up with a brilliant idea. She suggests that they tie a piece of strong rope to the tree and then tie the other end to her. Emily will be able to pull the tree gently until it stands back up. The Fat Controller is very impressed and calls Emily a helpful engine.

The Fat Controller goes to fetch some strong rope and ties one end to the tree and the other to Emily. The Fat Controller tells Emily to start pulling after the count of three, but Emily starts pulling too soon and the Fat Controller falls into the snow. Emily had been so excited to be helping that she had forgotten to work as a team. The Fat Controller gets up and starts counting again. This time, Emily listens and the tree is soon standing tall once again. They have cleared the tracks together. Toby, Henrietta and all of the other engines cheer for Emily. Now, Toby and Henrietta will be able to do their very important job. The Fat Controller congratulates Emily for her ability to work as part of a team.

That evening, the engines celebrate with a big party and Emily is covered in lots of colourful lights as a special treat.


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