The Ballast Spreader is a specialized petrol-driven machine used for replacing ballast on the North Western Railway. Unusually, he is seen wearing glasses.

Technical Details


The Ballast Spreader's specific basis is unknown, however he is based on a Ballast regulator, a piece of rail transport maintenance of way equipment used to shape and distribute the gravel track ballast. They are often used in conjunction with ballast tampers when maintaining track.


The Ballast Spreader is painted yellow and carries the words "Sodor Chain Load Undercut" on his side.



  • He was the first and only non-human character in The Railway Series to wear glasses.
  • In The Railway Series, he was depicted with a black face, but his Wooden Railway toy is depicted with a normal grey face to match the other characters.
  • In the Wooden Railway range, he is known as the "Sodor Railway Repair". However, this title is technically inaccurate, as he is not strictly used for repair.




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