“Fairgrounds are lots of fun!"
"They certainly are!"
"And much more exciting than cows and sheep!”
―Thomas, James, and Toby

The Big Wheel is a magazine story.


While Toby makes a trip from the quarry to the harbour, he passes through fields full of cows and sheep. He wishes he could see something more exciting like Thomas, who gets to pass through towns.

The next day, Toby gets a surprise when the cows and sheep are gone and in their field is a big, rotating colourful wheel. Toby is curious and rushes to the shed to tell the others. James thinks the idea of a giant wheel is ridiculous, but Thomas tells them that it is a big wheel belonging to a fairground. Thomas, James, and Toby set off to have a look at the big wheel and they see lots of children enjoying themselves on it. The three engines agree that the fairgrounds are a lot of fun.


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