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“I was trying to find you a welcome present, Hiro - something special from Sodor, but I couldn't find anything. I'm sorry."
"Thomas, my friend. You must not worry. My welcome present is right here. Being here with my friends is the biggest present of all,
and the most special present from Sodor, there is nothing more special!”
―Thomas and Hiro at the welcome party

The Biggest Present of All is the sixteenth episode of the thirteenth series.


All of the engines on the Island of Sodor are very excited. Hiro is coming back to Sodor because the engines need help with the summer holidaymakers. The Fat Controller is throwing a surprise welcome party at Knapford for Hiro and tells Thomas to tell all the other engines. But Thomas' mind is not on the party; he wants to get Hiro a wonderful gift to celebrate his visit. Thomas puffs all around the island, trying to find something special for Hiro. Later, Thomas arrives at Knapford, but no one is there, as Thomas had not told anybody about the party. Thomas quickly races around the island and soon they all arrive at Knapford. Thomas apologises for not finding a gift, but Hiro insists that the best present of all was having all of his friends together.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • This episode was shown in select US theatres in January 2010.
  • Kevin still mistakenly calls Thomas "boss," which began when he took over as manager in Steamy Sodor for a short while.
  • This is the first time Hiro appeared in an episode.
  • In Poland, this episode premiered before Hero of the Rails, so the audience would not have known about Hiro, Victor, Kevin or the Sodor Steamworks.


  • At the begining of the episode, Percy is seen pulling the Mail Train, but in the next scene, he is seen infront of Thomas waiting for Hiro.
  • When Thomas returns to tell Emily about the party, Emily's tender is not rendered properly as it is transparent.
  • As Toby, James and Henry puff away to shunt trucks, James and Henry swap their whistle sounds.
  • In the last shot, Thomas has Henry's whistle.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Catalan El millor regal de tots
Chinese Mandarin 最特别的礼物
Czech Nejlepší dárek ze všech
Danish En ganske særlig gave
Dutch Het Allermooiste Cadeau
Finnish Suurin lahja
French A la recherche du meilleur cadeau
German Das tollste Geschenk von allen
Greek Το καλύτερο δωρο απ' όλα
Hungarian Az üdvözlő ajándék
Icelandic Dýrmætasta gjöfin
Indonesian Hadiah Terbesar dari Semua
Italian Il Regalo più Bello del Mondo
Japanese とくべつなプレゼント
Korean 가장 특별한 선물 (dub)
토마스의 특별한 선물 (subtitles)
Latin American Spanish El Regalo Más Grande de Todos
Norwegian Den største gaven av alle
Polish Najwspanialszy Prezent
Romanian Cel Mai Frumos Cadou Posibil
Russian Подарок для Хиро
Serbian Poklon veći od svih
Swedish Den bästa presenten du kan få
Welsh Y Presennol Gorau Erioed

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