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The Brave Engine and Other Stories is a Danish VHS/DVD featuring thirteen fourth series episodes. It was released under the title Here Comes the Queen for Italian audiences.


  1. The Brave Engine
  2. Rusty to the Rescue
  3. Thomas and Stepney
  4. Bowled Out
  5. Train Stops Play
  6. Henry and the Elephant
  7. Paint Pots and Queens
  8. Thomas and the Special Letter
  9. Bulls Eyes
  10. Toad Stands By
  11. Fish
  12. Special Attraction
  13. Mind that Bike


  • In the Italian release, Bowled Out is named "The Diesel Railcar", but the Diesel is not a diesel railcar.
  • Tommy Kenter is incorrectly credited as narrator on some of the Danish releases.


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