The Brown Bear is a magazine story.


The Hatts go to see the filming of a movie featuring a big brown bear. Thomas is scared by the bear's growling and, luckily for him, Daisy comes to collect the Hatts afterwards. When Daisy arrives at Knapford, Bridget tells Thomas that they have a bear with them, but Thomas' imagination gets the better of him and he thinks that they have the big brown bear itself with them, so he takes it upon himself to warn the engines. Bridget explains that she and Stephen were both given a toy bear as a present from the film crew. Thomas feels so silly that he growls angrily and the Hatts joke that Thomas sounds like a grumpy old bear.



  • The text says that the coal spill was caused by Duck reversing into his trucks, but the fourth illustration shows the coal spilling from his bunker, with no trucks behind him.
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