“I don't need anyone to order me around, but some engines do. I don't like to name names, but Thomas and Percy need telling what to do for a start!”

The Cat Controller! is a magazine story.


One morning, the Fat Controller and his wife arrive on the platform just in time to catch all the engines ready for work. The Fat Controller explains that he is taking a day off because he and his wife are judging a pet show. As they leave in their taxi, James wonders who will be in charge while the controller is away. Gordon does not think he needs a controller and an argument breaks out. Meanwhile, a big ginger tom cat on the Fat Controller's doormat pricks up its ears. The big engines leave and Thomas feels lost; he is not sure what he is supposed to be doing without the Fat Controller to tell him. Then, Thomas spots the ginger cat walk towards a saucer of creamy milk. This makes Thomas remember he is going to the dairy with milk tankers.

After his dairy run, Thomas returns to the main station. He sees James looking most unhappy because the pet show is causing a lot of trouble. People with all kinds of animals are trying to board the train and some of them are misbehaving. Chaos is breaking out with all the animals and James is sure it will drive him off the rails.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the ginger cat springs into action. It hisses at a puppy who is barking loudly at a parrot and the frightened dog dashes into the carriage, back to its owner. Then, the cat arches its back at the noisy parrot. The whole platform turns quiet and in seconds, everyone is safely aboard James' train. Thomas' driver thinks the cat is amazing. First he helped Thomas remember his job and then he took control of the platform; who needs the Fat Controller when they have got the cat controller?



  • Lady Hatt looks completely different in this story. She has blonde hair and looks younger.


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