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The Chinese Diesel is a large diesel engine who works on the China Railway.


Thomas & Friends

When Thomas visited China in search of his friend Nia, the diesel informed him she had seen her heading to the Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye Danxia.

She later arrived with the breakdown cranes to help Nia back onto the rails after she was rescued by Thomas and Yong Bao from falling off a cliff due to an avalanche. [1]

She had a close encounter with a runaway waterwheel built from bamboo while she was working with a breakdown crane; he inadvertently caught the wheel and threw it across the countryside. [2]

Technical Details


The Chinese Diesel is based on a Siemens Eurorunner. Originally built in Germany in 2003 for export to Austria, some examples were used locally while others were built for export to Lithuania, Romania, the Czech Republic and China. The seven Chinese examples were for use in Hong Kong MTR (was KCR) , where they were classified as the Series 8000.


The Chinese Diesel is painted black with red buffer beams and red lining around her windows. Her wheels are white and she has an orange coupling hook.


Voice Actors


  • The Chinese Diesel is the last known character created by Andrew Brenner before his departure in 2018.
  • The Chinese Diesel is the first character to be based on an engine built in the 21st century, and the second character overall, the first being Carly.
  • The Chinese Diesel is the only international engine who is not a background character to not be given a name in any media.
    • Kobe, Carter and Cassia's names were not revealed in their debut, Big World Big Adventures, but instead received names in merchandise and other media.


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