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The Coal Mines, also known as The Coal Yards is a mine located near The Coaling Plant, about 4 miles north-east of Wellsworth, on the Coaling Plant Branch Line.


Thomas & Friends

At one point, while working at the mines, Percy accidentally shunted some trucks too hard, causing them to run out-of-control into the mines and hit a support beam. Luckily, Percy and his crew were saved from the ensuing avalanche by a canvas barrier.

Later on, the mines were rebuilt and Percy once again worked at the mines, taking trucks to and from the nearby yards.



  • The mines reuse some buildings from TUGS, as well as part of the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds set.
  • The coal mines caused some issues with Christopher Awdry, as originally there was no coal mine on Sodor and all the coal was imported from the Mainland.
    • However, starting from the eighteenth series onwards, coal once again is imported from the mainland in the television series, so it's existence may have been retconned.
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