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The Coaling Plant is located northeast of Wellsworth, nearby coal mines. The plant also has a diesel refueling station. It first appeared in the Thomas and the Magic Railroad and has made some regular appearances until the show was switched to full CGI. It has been mentioned, however, in the Island of Sodor openings and in several Mr. Perkins segments.

Locations in the Coaling Plant

The Truck Hoist

One of the machines at the Coaling Plant is the truck hoist. This machine has a platform on which trucks full of coal are placed, lifted up and then tipped over to empty the coal. It is dangerous for engines to go on it. However, Henry accidentally pushed Percy onto the Truck Hoist and Toby was pushed by Diesel onto the truck hoist when the steam and diesel engines were fighting each other. Later, Percy used it again but to hide from Thomas.

Coal dropped from trucks by the truck hoist is stored in the bunker inside the building and supplied to the steam engines or trucks from the chutes directly below.

The Coal Hoppers

The coal hopper is connected from the building of coal bunker by the bucket conveyor. When Diesel 10 was teaching Splatter and Dodge “how to stop being stupid”, he hit a chute with his pinchy, coal fell on him and covered him.