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The Complete Series 10 is a UK/Australian DVD featuring all twenty-eight tenth series episodes, narrated by Michael Angelis.


Watch all 28 episodes from Thomas and Friends Series 10.

Join Thomas on the Island of Sodor and meet new characters Rocky, Rosie, Fearless Freddie and Jeremy the Jet Plane!

28 wonderful adventures not to be missed!


  1. Thomas and the Jet Plane*
  2. A Smooth Ride*
  3. Follow that Flour*
  4. Percy and the Funfair*
  5. Duncan Drops a Clanger
  6. Toby's Afternoon Off*
  7. Thomas' Tricky Tree*
  8. It's Good to be Gordon*
  9. Emily and the Special Coaches*
  10. Topped Off Thomas
  11. Fearless Freddie
  12. Sticky Toffee Thomas*
  13. Big Strong Henry
  14. Seeing the Sights*
  15. Thomas and the Shooting Star*
  16. Which Way Now?
  17. Toby's New Shed
  18. Edward Strikes Out
  19. Thomas' Frosty Friend*
  20. Wharf and Peace
  21. Thomas and the Colours*
  22. Missing Trucks
  23. Thomas and the Birthday Mail
  24. Duncan's Bluff
  25. Thomas and the Treasure*
  26. The Green Controller
  27. James the Second Best*
  28. Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out

(* = the episode(s) wasn't exclusive to Complete Series releases in the case of UK releases)



  • The episodes are in production order.
  • Starting with this DVD, the covers of all the UK complete series sets were revamped.
  • The UK front cover features an edited image from Hector the Horrid! with Thomas smiling.
  • The rear cover of the Australian double pack features an image from Percy's Big Mistake.


  • The 2022 Amazon cover features CGI promo images despite the fact that this season uses models.

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