The Complete Series 11 is a UK/Australian DVD featuring all twenty-six eleventh series episodes.



All Aboard for Thomas and Friends Series 11 out on DVD for the first time ever! Puff down the track with 26 thrilling stories with Thomas and his friends. Meet Billy the new engine on Sodor, Whiff a friendly but smelly rubbish collection engine, Madge the snub-nose lorry and Hector the Horrid.

26 brilliant adventures not to be missed!


Everything is puffing along nicely in this special edition of the Complete 11th Series of Thomas & Friends™. Step aboard and have fun with all your well-loved friends, as well as a few new ones, on the beautiful Island of Sodor.


  1. Hide and Peep
  2. Gordon and the Engineer
  3. Thomas Sets Sail
  4. Emily's Rubbish
  5. Dream On
  6. Cool Truckings
  7. Thomas and the Spaceship
  8. Hector the Horrid!
  9. Thomas and the Storyteller
  10. Skarloey Storms Through
  11. Thomas and the Lighthouse
  12. Sir Handel in Charge
  13. Smoke and Mirrors
  14. Henry's Lucky Day
  15. Don't be Silly, Billy
  16. Toby's Triumph
  17. Thomas and the Runaway Car
  18. Edward and the Mail
  19. Thomas and the Big Bang
  20. Wash Behind Your Buffers
  21. Thomas in Trouble
  22. Dirty Work
  23. Duncan Does it All
  24. Percy and the Left Luggage
  25. Ding-a-Ling
  26. Thomas and the Stinky Cheese



  • The episodes are presented in production order.
  • The DVD was first released in the Classic Collection 2010 boxset before it was released individually.
  • Dirty Work, Hector the Horrid!, Thomas and the Spaceship, Don't be Silly, Billy and Hide and Peep features re-filmed or alternate angled scenes compared to the Nick Jr. airings.
  • This Complete Series DVD has the most episodes to only be featured in a Complete Series DVD. In this case:
    1. Thomas and the Storyteller
    2. Emily's Rubbish
    3. Dream On
    4. Dirty Work
    5. Hector the Horrid!
    6. Gordon and the Engineer (AUS Only)
    7. Henry's Lucky Day (AUS Only)
    8. Thomas and the Lighthouse
    9. Thomas and the Big Bang
    10. Smoke and Mirrors
    11. Thomas Sets Sail (AUS Only)
    12. Don't be Silly, Billy
    13. Edward and the Mail
    14. Hide and Peep
    15. Thomas and the Runaway Car (UK Only)
    16. Thomas in Trouble
    17. Thomas and the Stinky Cheese
    18. Percy and the Left Luggage (AUS Only)

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