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The Complete Series 14 is a UK DVD featuring all twenty fourteenth series episodes.


Thomas and his friends return with all 20 episodes of Series 14, together on one DVD for the first time ever!

As well as adventures on Sodor, Thomas and his friends travel to Misty Island - a wild and wonderful place with secret hide outs, rickety tracks and the Shake Shake Bridge. On his mission to be Really Useful, Thomas delivers a giraffe to the Animal Park, helps the children find a hat for their snowman and helps Victor cope with his busy schedule at the Sodor Steamworks.

Introducing new friends Bash, Dash, Ferdinand and Scruff!


  1. Thomas' Tall Friend
  2. Henry's Magic Box
  3. James in the Dark
  4. Pingy Pongy Pick Up
  5. Charlie and Eddie
  6. Toby and the Whistling Woods
  7. Henry's Health and Safety
  8. Diesel's Special Delivery
  9. Pop Goes Thomas
  10. Victor Says Yes
  11. Thomas in Charge
  12. Being Percy
  13. Merry Winter Wish
  14. Thomas and the Snowman Party
  15. Thomas' Crazy Day
  16. Jumping Jobi Wood!
  17. Thomas and Scruff
  18. O the Indignity
  19. Jitters and Japes
  20. Merry Misty Island





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