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The Complete Series 16 is a UK DVD featuring all twenty episodes from the sixteenth series.


Thomas and his friends return in Series 16; all 20 episodes on DVD together for the first time ever!

Sodor is filled with the sound of music when a famous composer visits the island. Thomas becomes a scarecrow for the day, Percy falls foul of one of Salty's tales and Charlie combines his love for snow and jokes. The engines welcome Stafford to Sodor, celebrate the Fat Controller's birthday and, when a photographer visits the island, Thomas aims to appear in as many photos as possible!

Introducing new friends Stafford, Luke, Merrick, Owen and Winston!


  1. Race to the Rescue
  2. Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  3. Express Coming Through
  4. Percy and the Monster of Brendam
  5. Ho Ho Snowman
  6. Flash Bang Wallop!
  7. Thomas and the Rubbish Train
  8. Thomas Toots the Crows
  9. Bust My Buffers!
  10. Percy and the Calliope
  11. Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
  12. Salty's Surprise
  13. Sodor Surprise Day
  14. Emily's Winter Party Special
  15. Muddy Matters
  16. Whiff's Wish
  17. Welcome Stafford
  18. The Christmas Tree Express
  19. Don't Bother Victor!
  20. Happy Birthday Sir!



  • This is the last Complete Series DVD to feature one disc.
  • This is also the last Complete Series DVD to have the Engine Roll Call as heard in the opening credits for Series 13 through 18 playing in the DVD menu.
  • The last three episodes are in production order.
  • The DVD features the trailer of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


  • Luke, Owen and Merrick are said to be introduced, but Luke does not appear in any episodes and Owen and Merrick only cameo in one episode.



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