The Complete Series 20 is a two-disc UK DVD set containing twenty-six out of the twenty-eight episodes from the twentieth series. A bonus disc of Extraordinary Engines is included for the six episodes in the DVD.


Series 20 delivers mischief and mayhem from Max and Monty, the Troublesome Trucks and strong-willed Daisy. There are woolly adventures and unlikely friendships, bickering brothers and an exciting new job for Henry. James continues to let his vanity get the better of him, Bert decides it’s payback time and Bradford gets off to a bad start. A storm blows in trouble for Skiff and Percy has a snowy problem while delivering letters to Santa but luckily the other engines are on track to lend their friends a helping hand. Join Thomas and his friends in all episodes from Series 20.


Disc 1

  1. Sidney Sings
  2. Letters to Santa
  3. Toby's New Friend
  4. Henry Gets the Express
  5. Diesel and the Ducklings
  6. Bradford the Brake Van
  7. Saving Time
  8. Ryan and Daisy
  9. The Railcar and the Coaches
  10. Love Me Tender
  11. Pouty James
  12. Blown Away
  13. The Way She Does it
  14. Mucking About
  15. Cautious Connor
  16. All in Vain
  17. Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks
  18. Tit for Tat
  19. Mike's Whistle
  20. Useful Railway

Disc 2

  1. Engine of the Future
  2. Henry in the Dark
  3. The Missing Breakdown Train
  4. Hugo and the Airship
  5. Three Steam Engines Gruff
  6. Skiff and the Mermaid

Bonus Features


  • The episodes The Christmas Coffeepot and Over the Hill were not included on this release. This may have been due to both episodes airing alongside episodes from Series 21. According to SiF's Twitter, they are "earmarked for next year’s 21 release." [1] Since these episodes were not included, this is the first Complete Series DVD to be incomplete (in a sense of irony to the DVD's title).
  • This is the last DVD to feature a disc from a previous DVD release.
  • This marks the first release since The Complete Series 17 to feature the HiT logo on the spine of the DVD.


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