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The Complete Series 21 is a digital download release available to view on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US containing eighteen episodes from the twenty-first series and two episodes from the twentieth series.


Amazon Prime Video UK

Thomas & Friends are back! With stories of friendship at the series' core, Thomas and his friends experience some of the biggest crashes, fastest races and most thrilling adventures yet!

Amazon Prime Video US

Thomas and Friends are back in series 21 for another fun-filled series of railway adventures. Terence the Tractor runs into problems on a frozen pond. Gordon and Spencer take off with each other's coaches, causing confusion and delay. Poor Toby has to work with a new coach that loves to go fast. And Cranky learns that two cranes are better than one when new crane Carly arrives at Brendam Docks.



  • As of today, the DVD release date is currently unannounced.



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