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The Complete Series 8, previously The Complete Eighth Series is a UK/Australian DVD featuring all twenty-six eighth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


2008 DVD

All Aboard for this special collection of Thomas and Friends Series Eight. For the first time ever, all 26 longer length episodes together on one bumper DVD.

Join Thomas, together with his friends Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Bertie, Percy, Toby and the Fat Controller in these thrilling adventures.

26 exciting episodes not to be missed!

2010 DVD

All Aboard for this special collection of Thomas & Friends Series 8. Many things are happening on the Island of Sodor, including visit from the railway inspector. He will be giving a special prize to the smartest engine so all the engines are eager to look their best. Which engine will win?

26 exciting episodes not to be missed!


  1. Thomas and the Firework Display
  2. Percy's New Whistle
  3. Fish
  4. Emily's Adventure
  5. Thomas Saves the Day
  6. Squeak, Rattle and Roll
  7. Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
  8. Edward the Great
  9. Spic and Span
  10. James Goes Too Far
  11. Thomas Gets it Right
  12. You Can Do it, Toby!
  13. Percy and the Magic Carpet
  14. Thomas and the Circus
  15. Percy's Big Mistake
  16. Don't Tell Thomas
  17. Emily's New Route
  18. Chickens to School
  19. Gordon Takes Charge
  20. Thomas and the Tuba
  21. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  22. Too Hot for Thomas
  23. James Gets a New Coat
  24. Thomas to the Rescue
  25. As Good as Gordon
  26. Halloween



  • Starting with this DVD, the Complete Series sets were given new menu designs.
  • The Australian DVD features the same menus at the UK DVD.
  • This is the first UK DVD to show the 2007 HiT Entertainment logo at the beginning of the DVD.
  • This was originally set to be released for May 2008 under the distribution of 2Entertain, when HiT decided to produce Thomas DVDs in-house from this point onwards, thus moving its release date to 28 July 2008.
  • The episodes are presented in production order, which is also the order in which they were broadcast on Milkshake!
  • The back cover of the Australian double pack features images from Saving Edward and A Friend in Need.
  • This release was removed from iTunes in September, but was re-released on 9th October along with Series 9 and 10.
  • The Australian release is the first one since Happy Holidays to featured a trailer for a Thomas film on home media.
  • The episodes used for this DVD were also used for the CiTV airings between 2005-2006.
  • This is the second Complete Series release to have all of its episodes also released on other DVDs in the UK, the first being The Complete Series 2.


  • In the 2010 release, the first episode selection menu has the wrong video images for the episodes. If the second page is selected, the images are corrected when returning to the first page.
  • On the Australian double pack, Diesel has Cranky's face.
  • The UK promos for The Great Discovery and Bob The Builder: Race to the Finish are kept on the Australian release due to a mastering error.
  • Stanley appears on the 2022 Amazon cover, despite not appearing in any episodes in this series.

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