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This article is about the Skarloey Railway Depot. You may be looking for the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds.

The Depot is a large railway depot with multiple sheds on the Skarloey Railway. It is located between Cros-ny-Cuirn and Bluebell Valley.

History and Operations

Thomas & Friends

The Depot is the main area where the Skarloey Railway engines sleep and collect their trains. The sheds consist of two brick sheds, one single lined, one double and a double lined open wooden shed. There is also a goods station at the depot and Mr. Percival's House is located on the opposite side. Lots of trucks have been kept here and the depot is usually quite busy.

Since the sixteenth series, a standard gauge line which is a part of Stepney's Branch Line has been added and runs through the depot.


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  • The sheds are based on the Talyllyn Railway sheds at Pendre. The Skarloey Engine Sheds were also based on it.
  • One of the sheds was reused as a carriage shed at Green Hills Junction.
  • The Depot has had numerous modifications throughout the years:
    • Blue Mountain Mystery:
      • The open wooden shed section is repainted green.
      • The narrow gauge track running past the depot becomes standard gauge.
    • Series 18:
      • The open wooden shed returns to its original brown colour.

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