“Fancy a little tram engine joining such a grand parade!"
"You'll be right at the end!”
―Toby and James

The Engine Parade is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller thinks that all of his engines are really useful and wants to thank them in a special way. So he declares that there is going to be an engine parade at the Main Station and lots of important visitors will be attending, including the Mayor. All of the engines think that they should be the one to lead the parade. The Fat Controller has an idea and tells the engines that the one who works best until next Saturday will lead the parade. The engines are pleased with the Fat Controller's idea as it gives them all an equal chance.

Later, Percy and Duck have shunted so many trucks in the yard that they think that their boilers will burst. Meanwhile, Gordon makes such good time with the express that he returns ahead of time. Even Bill and Ben haul extra loads of china clay and do not misbehave once.

The night before the parade, the engines are cleaned. Even Toby arrives from the quarry line to be cleaned. Toby is flattered to have been asked to join the parade, but James sneers and tells Toby that he will be right at the end. Toby does not mind; taking part is what matters. This makes the other engines feel bad for arguing, so they make an important decision.

On the morning of the parade, Thomas tells the Fat Controller that all of the engines want Toby to lead the parade. The Fat Controller agrees. Soon the Mayor and the Fat Controller are in position on the platform. The Mayor thanks the engines for all of their hard work. Toby passes the station, leading the procession of engines. Thomas and the others feel proud about being part of a parade, but even prouder at picking Toby to lead it.



  • Daisy is missing the blush on her cheeks.


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