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The Fenland Track is a line that runs over a long bridge near the Fenland Fields.


Thomas & Friends

In its initial appearance in Hero of the Rails, a section of the bridge was damaged and could not carry Spencer's weight, causing the section to collapse beneath him. Later, Hiro and Rocky came to his rescue.

It reappeared in the thirteenth series episode, Play Time. The track was bumpy after the repairs, which caused the couplings between Thomas and his coaches to be shaken loose. In Hiro Helps Out, Hiro suggests that Percy take his ducks to the track so they could swim in the marsh.

In the fifteenth series, Gordon and Ferdinand were responsible for the Lion of Sodor landing in the mud after hitting a bump in the track. Later, Gordon cracked the track and he and James ended up in the marsh.

The marsh often either becomes a lake or gets dried up depending on how much rain it collects.

In Tale of the Brave, James, who got scared at the sight of Gator, derailed from going too fast and ran into the marsh. The next day, Edward brought Rocky to lift the red engine out.

In the twenty-second series episode Apology Impossible, the left side of the bridge was under repairs, Philip blocked James' way to repay him for being pushy. They also blocked Thomas, Paxton and Rebecca's way. James left when Philip had Thomas, Paxton and Rebecca let him pass by, though James was punished with garbage rounds for his bad behaviour.

It is located between Wellsworth and Suddery on Edward's Branch Line.


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