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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book, the character or the UK VHS/DVD.

“That's loud!"
"Too loud!"
"Sounds like a tugboat to me!”
―Percy, James and Gordon's reactions to the foghorn

The Fogman is the sixth episode of the sixth series.


Misty Valley lies along a branch line, which is often very misty. This is why Cyril (a friendly fog signalman who lives in Misty Valley) earns his keep by putting detonators on the rails to warn the engines of fog and landslides. Thomas enjoys seeing Cyril, and puffing over the blasting caps due to that they make his axles tingle. That evening, the Fat Controller visits the engines at Tidmouth Sheds to tell them that he has acquired an electric foghorn. Once he tries to test it, the ground shakes and the rumble makes a few slates of the sheds fall off. He also says that Cyril will not be needed anymore, and will be given a much needed rest. None of the engines are impressed and Thomas is very disappointed to hear this, especially because it sounds very loud and to them, sounds like a tugboat horn.

The foghorn is put on the hillside in Misty Valley, and while Percy is puffing through Misty Valley the following day, the foghorn is sounded (to his displeasure). Ironically, after Percy is out of sight, the vibrations from the foghorn create a landslide, which sweeps onto the track and destroys the horn in the process. Thomas comes along, and as the horn is not working, Thomas has no idea about the landslide and derails. With Toby and Henrietta soon coming along, there is no way of stopping them until Cyril comes to the rescue. He puts down a cap to warn them, just in the nick of time. Once the mess is cleared up, Cyril is reinstated as Misty Valley's fogman.




  • Mirrored stock footage from James and the Trouble with Trees is used.
  • On the Thomas' Halloween Adventures DVD, this episode is parsed as "The Fog Man." The 2014 re-release corrects this on the back cover.
  • The fog horn shares the same horn sound as Derek from the fifth series, later Salty in the CGI series and Diesel 10 in merchandise and two video games.
  • This is the last episode to be matted from Fullscreen to widescreen.
  • In a picture of a deleted scene, Percy is facing in the same direction as Thomas after rescuing him and looking annoyed.
  • This marks the only time that Cyril is referred to by name until the twenty-second series episode, Samson and the Fireworks.
  • This was one of the two sixth series episodes that was dubbed in Croatian.


  • In the close-up of Percy at Misty Valley, the tracks in the background lead to the bushes. In the same shot, a wire can be seen in Percy's right-front window. He is also not pulling any trucks in the surrounding shots. Finally, you can see where the camera is hooked on to him.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Thomas' driver has blond hair, though after the crash, he has brown hair.
  • In the second shot of Thomas puffing through Misty Valley and when Thomas runs over the detonator, Annie is facing the wrong way.
  • Thomas' eyes are wonky after he crashes into the rubble, and when he asks the Fat Controller what Cyril will do.
  • Throughout the episode, the foghorn is switched on even when it is meant to be off. When the foghorn is first shown, the green light is flashing meaning it is on, but the Fat Controller has not switched it on yet. In a close-up of the Fat Controller switching the foghorn on, the switch is already pointing towards the green light but the red light is still flashing. In another close-up of the foghorn horn blasting in Misty Valley, the red light is flashing even though the switch is pointing to the green one.
  • In the close-up of James at Tidmouth Sheds, Gordon's tender is loose and a few inches away from his cab.
  • When Thomas says "Ooh, that made my axles tingle!" his eyes are briefly off-centre from each other.
  • In the shot of Brendam Docks, Cranky's ladder is on the wrong side.
  • One of the cattle truck's roof from Thomas' train is damaged.
  • In the very first shot of Percy puffing through Misty Valley, he has a noticeable wobble.


  • Percy: UK dub: Oh, bother! / US dub: Oh, jeepers! That foghorn is so loud it rattles my dome! And it doesn't even make my axles tingle.


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 防雾员
Czech Cyril
Danish Tågehornet
Dutch De Mistman
Hungarian A Ködjelző Kürt
Italian Il Segnalatore Antinebbia
Japanese フォッグマン
Korean 안개 경보
Norwegian Tåkemannen
Polish Sygnałowy
Romanian Omul Ceții
Russian Дежурный в туманную погоду
Serbian Čovek za Maglu
Slovenian Signal za Meglo
Swedish Dimvamaren
Welsh Yn y Niwl

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