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This article is about the VHS/DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the book or the character.

The Fogman and Other Stories is a UK/Irish VHS/DVD featuring eight sixth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis and John Ogwen with one song included in the UK release.



It's brand new Thomas and Friends, 8 fantastic episodes including one brand new song on this special release video/DVD that will keep you entertained over and over again. Join Thomas, Cranky, Bill and Ben as well as the all new Salty, Harvey and Elizabeth along with old favourites Percy, Harold and the Fat Controller as they get into new and exciting adventures.

UK; Welsh DVD

Thomas the Tank Engine is back with 8 new stories on DVD in Welsh. Join Thomas and friends in action-packed adventures on the island of Sodor.

Press the sub-titles button to read the story on the bottom of the screen.


  1. The Fogman - In foggy Misty Valley, the engines have to be careful of rocks falling onto the tracks. Ordinarily, Cyril the Fogman warns them there is fog ahead, but The Fat Controller replaces him with a foghorn!
  2. No Sleep for Cranky
  3. Salty's Secret
  4. Harvey to the Rescue
  5. A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
  6. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
  7. Twin Trouble
  8. Gordon Takes a Tumble


  • Winter Wonderland (Separate from the main feature on UK English and Irish DVD, not featured on Welsh DVD)

Bonus Features

  • Thomas & Friends Quiz
  • Character Profiles


  • This is the first Thomas & Friends DVD release to feature episodes in an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
  • This is the only UK English and Irish VHS/DVD to feature a sixth series music video and have the Gullane Entertainment endboard.
  • This is the first Thomas VHS/DVD to feature the HiT Entertainment logo.
  • This was the last VHS/DVD to use the BBFC 1985 Uc Certificate.
  • This VHS/DVD was released the same day Jack Frost first aired in the UK as well as a day before Gordon Takes a Tumble's TV airing.
  • This was the last VHS/DVD released by Gullane Entertainment.
  • This is the first Thomas & Friends DVD released in the Welsh language.
  • The UK Welsh DVD menus are similar in style to the DVD menus on the Brave Little Engines UK English DVD.
  • The Welsh DVD episode selection menus feature a 20 second dubbing track clip of Bill and Ben's theme from the opening of Buffer Bother.


  • Salty and Harvey appeared in No Sleep for Cranky before their respective introductory episodes, Salty's Secret and Harvey to the Rescue.
  • Despite the VHS and DVD having the HiT Entertainment logo, it was distributed by Gullane Entertainment.
  • On the main menu, Thomas' siderod is not aligned properly.
  • On the DVD's back cover, it says that the runtime is 48 minutes just like the VHS, but the DVD does not feature the song after the last episode. The song is instead featured in the bonus material.
  • The UK Welsh DVD, including both the DVD menus and the episodes, is presented in 16:9 but squeezed into 4:3.
  • The first Welsh episode selection menu uses footage from Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry for No Sleep for Cranky, footage from Twin Trouble for Salty's Secret, and footage from A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter for Harvey to the Rescue.

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