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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.

“I am not sleeping at a smelly waste dump. It's simply out of the question.”

The Frozen Turntable, also known as Frozen Turntable, is the twentieth episode of the seventeenth series.


One cold evening, the steam engines return to Tidmouth Sheds, only to discover the turntable is frozen solid. Only one berth is accessible and Gordon quickly demands that he uses it. Thomas and Edward, however, believe Percy should use it, as he is pulling the mail that night and will need somewhere to sleep when he finishes. The rest of the engines decide to look elsewhere.

Flynn offers them two berths in the shed at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Gordon is not pleased with this; the noise made in the case of an emergency would keep him awake. James and Emily sleep at the Rescue Centre, whilst the other engines go to the Steamworks instead. Victor explains there is only room for two engines, but Gordon states he would not get any sleep, as being at the Steamworks makes him think about breaking down. Victor suggests sleeping at Whiff's Waste Dump, but Gordon outright refuses.

Edward and Henry choose to stay at the Steamworks, leaving only Thomas and Gordon who come across Norman soon after. Norman explains that one of them can sleep at the Dieselworks, but once again, Gordon refuses to accept the offer, claiming he does not like the smell of diesel fuel, so Thomas goes to the Dieselworks instead. Despite his best efforts, Gordon is unable to think of anywhere else suitable for him to sleep, until he remembers Tidmouth Sheds. He heads back, thinking the workmen will have fixed the turntable, only to find it is still frozen.

However, Gordon has another idea. As Percy has not yet returned from his mail run, he decides to sleep in the available berth instead. When Percy finally does arrive, there is no longer any room for him and he is forced to go to Whiff's Waste Dump. However, Gordon's hopes for a peaceful night's sleep are quickly shattered when work begins on the turntable, keeping him up all night.

By morning, the turntable is finally unfrozen. Before Gordon can leave though, a test-run goes wrong and the turntable freezes again, away from Gordon's berth, trapping him in the shed. The Fat Controller soon learns about what happened and assigns James to pull the Express instead and Percy to pull James' passenger train. Gordon is horrified, but there is nothing he can do about it.

It is getting dark by the time the turntable is finally unfrozen again. Gordon is relieved to be able to leave the shed, but unhappy about the fact he has not been able to do any work. The Fat Controller decides to give him Percy's mail duties that evening, much to Gordon's dismay and the amusement of the rest of the Steam Team.





US and CAN

  • Martin Sherman as Thomas and Percy
  • William Hope as Edward
  • Kerry Shale as Gordon, James and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Ben Small as Flynn
  • Keith Wickham as Norman and the Workmen
  • David Bedella as Victor


  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-first episode of the seventeenth series.
  • This episode marks the last of a few things:
  • The engines sleeping in different location is very similar to the special Calling All Engines! as in said special, they were sleeping in different places while the shed is being fixed.
  • In the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Baltic Russian and one of the Vietnamese dubs, the UK dub can be heard in the background as a dubbing track was not used.


  • In the shot of Gordon, Edward, Thomas and Victor, while the latter is advising the engines to find another shed, Gordon's front bogie wheels are not properly positioned under his frame.
  • In a close-up shot of Gordon at the Steamworks, his frame extensions appear to be unrendered until Gordon says, "I'm quite sure I wouldn't get any sleep at all!" at which point they suddenly become rendered.
  • When Gordon reverses out of the sheds towards the turntable, his tender wheels appear to be missing in one scene.
  • When all the engines arrive at Tidmouth Sheds, Henry is a few centimetres away from the turntable. But when the camera zooms in, Henry has moved back a noticeable distance.
  • When the camera shows the frozen turntable, the tracks that are in the platform do not synchronise with the ones that lead to the sheds.
  • Henry is missing his lamp when the engines discover the turntable is frozen.
  • When Gordon reverses onto the turntable, he is facing away from the turntable's control shed. But when he is turned around, he is facing towards it.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O girador congelado
Chinese Mandarin 冰冻的转车台
Czech Zamrzlá točna
Estonian Külmunud Pöördeplatvorm
French Gordon bloqué
Galician A Plataforma Xiratoria
German Die festgefrorene Drehscheibe
Greek Η παγωμένη περιστρεφόμενη βάση
Hebrew המשטח המסתובב הקפוא
Hungarian A befagyott fordítókorong
Indonesian Piringan Putar yang Membeku
Italian Chi la fa l'Aspetti
Japanese こおりついたてんしゃだい
Korean 꽁꽁 언 전차대
Norwegian Den frosne dreieskiven
Polish Zamarznięta obrotnica
Romanian Placa Rotativă Înghețată
Russian Сломанная платформа
Spanish La Plataforma Giratoria Congelada
Ukrainian Замерзла Поворотна Платформа

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