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The Fultan Ferry is a paddlewheel steam ferry, which is used for transporting goods and vehicles across Brendam. She is owned by the Fultan Ferry Co.


Technical Details


The Fultan Ferry may be based on the Fulton Ferry that operated in New York City.


The Fultan Ferry has a navy blue hull, a white superstructure and light blue doors and windows. The funnel is painted red, black, and white. She has a green sign on both sides of her reading "Fultan Ferry Co".


  • In addition to the smaller model, a large scale model that had been built for the TUGS episode "Quarantine" was also used for Thomas & Friends scenes involving the close-up human figures.
  • The small model was unfortunately destroyed beyond repair when it came back from Canada after filming of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
    • It is currently unknown what happened to the large scale model.


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