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This article is about the Dutch DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the Norwegian/Swedish VHS/DVD, the German DVD, the Engine Adventures book or the magazine story.

The Ghost Train, originally titled Percy and Harold is a Dutch DVD featuring one episode from the second series and ten from the third series.


  1. The Ghost Train
  2. A Scarf for Percy
  3. Percy's Promise
  4. Time for Trouble
  5. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  6. Donald's Duck
  7. Thomas Gets Bumped
  8. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  9. Diesel Does it Again
  10. Henry's Forest
  11. The Trouble with Mud


  • When the DVD was originally released by Bridge Pictures in 2005 it was titled Percy and Harold, the same as the previous DVD release, despite it not featuring Percy and Harold on the DVD. It was later retitled The Ghost Train in 2010 when Moefie Klub! re-released it.
  • The front cover, 2005 main menu and 2010 episode selection menus feature an image from Thomas and the Trucks, albeit with Thomas' facial expression from Thomas and Trevor.
  • The 2010 main menu features an image from The Trouble with Mud.


DVD Menus

2005 DVD Menu

2010 DVD Menu

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