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“You thinking what I'm thinking, Carly?"
"I sure am, Sandy. Let's have some fun…"
"And get totally clean!"
"Two different things that work great together!"
"Just like us!”
― Sandy and Carly

The Great Bubbly Build is a 2023 half-hour Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go special.


When Sandy and Carly set out to make an art project together, Sandy focuses on its form and Carly focuses on its function. But when their ideas clash and the project fails, they learn that it needs the right mix of both of their ideas to succeed.








  • This is the second All Engines Go production (not counting the Short Story Adventures mini-series) to premiere on the official Thomas & Friends YouTube channel before being broadcast on television anywhere in the world, the first being the second series episode Shake, Rattle and Bruno.
  • Sandy thinking that Thomas and Diesel are mine monsters may be a reference to the 2022 special The Mystery of Lookout Mountain.
  • This special marks the first of several things:
    • The first special to have Shaun Jemmett and Kai Harris as Thomas in the UK and US dubs respectively.
    • The first special to focus on characters other than Thomas since Tale of the Brave.
    • Tess' first appearance in a special.
    • Salty's first appearance in a special since Big World! Big Adventures! and his first speaking role in a special since The Great Race.
    • The first special in which no tender engines nor Sir Topham Hatt make any sort of appearance.
    • The first special in which Kana and Bruno do not make any sort of appearance since their introductions.
  • According to Aaron Barashi's mother, he was originally asked to voice Thomas for this special but had to decline, due to scheduling issues.
  • This is the final production to have Henri Charles as Percy in the UK dub.


  • When the engines enter the new train wash, they all disappear before fully moving out of the frame.
  • In the UK dub, the music cuts off and restarts in some scenes.
  • When Sandy leaves McColl Farm at the beginning of the special, her tail-lamp is missing.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A grande construção borbulhante
French La grande machine a bulles
German Die Super Spass Wäsche
Italian Missione tra le bolle
Latin American Spanish La gran creación de burbujas
Polish Wielki babelkowy plan
Turkish Mükemmel Köpüklü Yıkama Aracı