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The Hay Farm is an area of land on the Ffarquhar Branch Line that stores hay.


In the summer, workmen arrive at the fields and break up the hay and leave it in the sun to dry up. Once the hay has dried up, Percy and Toby arrive with some trucks, where the workmen load up the hay into said trucks and they take the hay to other farms on the Island of Sodor, like McColl Farm. When Tiger Moth, the rude bi-plane went missing, Sir Topham Hatt joined the search party with Harold the helicopter and his pilot and after searching around Sodor, they eventually found Tiger Moth, stuck in one of the hay fields. Sir Topham Hatt got out of Harold and spoke severely to Tiger Moth's pilot.



  • Jem Cole was once seen working amongst the gang at the hay fields.
  • In the fifth series episode, Thomas and the Rumours, the playground of Dryaw School was shown situated next to the buildings on the fields.
  • The buildings on the fields are built similar to the buildings on McColl Farm.
  • The set for the hill nearby the hay fields is the same set used in Bertie's Chase for Suddery Hill.


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