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The High-Speed Post Train is a high-speed diesel engine that works on British Railways. It delivers letters and parcels between Sodor and the Mainland. It only appeared in the annual story Toby and the Mail Train.

Technical Details


The High-Speed Post Train is based on a British Rail (BR) Class 43 HST. This class holds the world record for fastest rail speed for a diesel-electric locomotive: 238 km/h or 148 mph, which was set in 1987. The majority of these are still in service, while others, for example, the HSTs that served the Great Western, East Coast and Midland Mainlines have been withdrawn after forty years of service. Pip and Emma share the same basis.

The High-Speed Post Train has the number 43047 which belongs to a real BR Class 43.


The High-Speed Post Train is painted blue and purple with red and yellow stripes. The real 43047 is currently painted in a similar livery, but with East Midlands Trains branding and a yellow warning panel.


Annual Stories

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