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The Horse and Cart was a narrow gauge goods train used for transporting goods and merchandise on the Mid Sodor Railway.


The Railway Series

The mining companies provided block trains and paid well for the convenience. Local goods traffic was slow to develop and at first the guard's van was sufficient for parcels and small items, but did not suit larger ones. Mixed trains were tried but passenger complaints at delays caused by shunting meant that they were only short lived. The company eventually provided a daily goods train. It stopped to shunt anywhere and was allowed two and a half hours for the twenty five miles. This slowness lead to its nickname "The Horse and Cart", given to it by traders and travellers. Passengers were also carried in the brake van on payment of half ordinary third class fare, but wisely, the company did not guarantee arrival times at any station[1].

It is unknown what happened to the wagons following the Mid Sodor Railway's closure due to bankruptcy. It can be assumed the wagons were either scrapped or sold.

Technical Details


These wagons were based on rolling stock used on various narrow gauge railways throughout the United Kingdom. The train on Awdry's layout consists of 2 open wagons, 1 covered van and 1 guard's van.


The first open wagon was painted dark green. The second open wagon and van were painted grey and had "M.S.R." written on the sides in white lettering. The brakevan was painted light blue.


  • These wagons were featured on Wilbert Awdry's Mid Sodor Railway layout. Awdry donated them to the Reverend Teddy Boston's Cadeby Light Railway in Cadeby, Leicestershire, where they were put on display until the railway's closure in 2005[2].