“I'm the Hot Soup Special!”

The Hot Soup Special! is a magazine story.


It is winter and a very cold morning. Thomas is in a siding but he is shocked to learn that the rails are slippery. Luckily there are no trucks or engines in his way to cause an accident. The Fat Controller has warned him about it and told him that he must go steady. Thomas sets off with some empty trucks. He is delivering them to a station on his branch line. As he arrives, his driver is sharing his flask of tea with the guard and fireman and the stationmaster has his flask of hot soup from the station cafe. Meanwhile, Thomas sees Bertie coming. His wheels are skidding on the icy road but his driver controls them skilfully. With the ice on the road, Bertie is stranded. But Terence the Tractor comes to help to pull Bertie out and the passengers are very pleased. Meanwhile, Thomas' driver shares cartons of steaming hot soup for Bertie's passengers.



  • Bertie is missing his eyebrows.


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