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The Ice-Cream Van is a special van who spends most of his time delivering ice-cream on Sodor.


The Ice-Cream Van can come across as cocky and always wears a big grin. He delivers ice-cream to the children all over Sodor. He plays a cheerful tune over a loud-speaker to let everyone know he is coming.

Once, after upsetting Daisy who is jealous of his popularity by calling her a "silly diesel", the Ice-Cream Van runs out of diesel fuel. Luckily, Daisy and her driver always carry a spare can of diesel fuel in case of emergency and they happily hand it over to the van and his driver who are very grateful. The van is very happy to be back serving ice-creams and all the children make sure to thank Daisy for giving him the fuel.

Later, he, Bertie, Caroline, Bulstrode and Farmer Brown helped Sir Topham Hatt prepare for his big speech about the railway industry.

Technical Details


The Ice-Cream Van is based on a Beadle Integral. Algy was rebuilt to this design. In its last appearance, it resembled a Morris Commercial J-type van.


The Ice-Cream Van is painted bright yellow and orange, with red lining. He has an ice-cream on top of his roof, as well as a large sign on his front reading "ICE-CREAM".


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